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Former Commando Green Beret Officer and Head of Performance for all 6500 Royal Marines. A published author, Scotty is a "High Performance and Leadership" specialist who is highly sought after as a global keynote speaker across multiple industries including senior England Football and rugby teams.

Scotty Mills has led a life that he could never have dreamt of. From the backstreets of South London, he went onto serve his country and lead Britain’s Commandos around the globe as a Commando ‘Green Beret’ Officer. In 2003, operating alongside the US Navy Seals, he led a team of Marines into Iraq as ‘first on the ground’ theatre entry troops and has deployed on missions all around the world.


As Commanding Officer, he led a team of recovery specialists who were responsible for rebuilding the lives of hundreds of battle-scarred physically and mentally broken injured service people across all 4-Armed Forces.


A World Record breaker, he was selected as an Olympic Flag Bearer at the London 2012 Olympic Games. As Head of Performance for all 6500 Commandos, he has worked closely alongside multiple elite teams who went on to win gold medals at Olympic, World & European championships .


More recently, as an advisor to the FA, he inspired Gareth Southgate, Harry Kane and the England Football Team to develop their culture through innovative leadership and team cohesion training that saw them come together and perform when the pressure was on.


Known as “Gareth’s Secret Weapon”, a term coined by the renowned TV Presenter Lorraine Kelly, Scotty has built up a very strong reputation internationally for being able to inspire others to reach their full potential. In 2018 he was voted the most inspirational serviceman across the entire Armed Forces community receiving a National Award.


Scotty’s incredibly compelling story is filled with exceptional stories of the power of human inspiration. Now an accomplished motivational speaker, and as a performance leadership and culture specialist, Scotty is highly sought after across multiple industries to continue his life’s work to ‘Inspire people and teams’ to achieve their impossible dreams.


Scotty is married to Suzanne and they have 4 grown children. His first published book, “Never Give In” charts the ‘12 Commando Rules for Life’ and is available here Never Give In by Major Scotty Mills | Waterstones.



“Scotty Mills has inspired me as a Leader and had a big impact on what I’ve done over the last couple of years.”

“Scotty had a big impact and really linked the learning part for us. We’ve hugged a couple of times and shed a tear…there aren’t many people that I would open up to like that…he was huge part of our coming together as a team which we carried through to the finals.”

Gareth Southgate OBE England Football Manager  


“I’d like to thank Scotty and the marines for putting us through our paces, we learnt a lot about each other and teamwork that definitely helped and inspired us for what we achieved in the summer at the World Cup. ” Harry Kane MBE England Captain 

“The inspirational Scotty Mills injected the Royal Marines ethos into the England Football Team sparking a miraculous run at the World Cup in Russia. Scotty, you are absolutely brilliant, and I think that whatever you do you will be a huge success. Scotty is the kind of person that should be writing self-help books, DVD’s and continue to inspire others and help them in their lives.” 

Lorraine Kelly CBE (TV Presenter)


“You are such an inspiration to so many, and such a fantastic orator.” 

CC Communications & Events Limited

“Now and again you go to a conference and a speaker comes on and takes command of the audience with their first sentence. Major Scotty Mills is such a person. He is a London born down to earth guy who spoke for about forty minutes during which you could have heard a pin drop. A great marine and a really nice guy which I would recommend to any conference organiser that might like to have a motivational speaker that is slightly different to the norm. You won’t be disappointed.”

Mike Clist CEO British Institute of Innkeeping

“We had Scotty present at our annual conference and all I can say is he had the room (over 1000 delegates) captivated.  Our delegates have said Scotty is by far the best speaker we have ever had.  Scottys session not only motivated our teams into embracing change and tackling challenges head on it also put things into perspective.  In fact since Scottys session the amount of times people have said…. If Scotty can do what he has done we can achieve this.   I highly recommend Scotty to any one looking at building a team culture and lessons about true leadership”

Ruth Brown CEO Home Instead

“Very rarely you meet someone on the circuit of conference speakers who are as humble, professional, personable, believable, passionate, proud and can hold an audience such as Scotty. What a story, you blew us away Scotty from the beginning right to the end and we all at Revive! say a massive thank you. In the past our guest speakers turn up just before their allocated time slot and leave within a few minutes of coming off the stage, not Scotty, he impressed us with his engagement to talk to all our colleagues many hours before his motivational session, as well as joining us for lunch and introducing himself to many tables in the restaurant. When having a pre-conference teams call he listened to OUR brief and placed our values and buzz words into his speech which proves what a professional he is. He taught us to 'train hard and fight easy' something we will place in our preparation in everything we do going forward. Until the next time Scotty, thank you so much for being you and all you have done for the country. Ricky Taylor.”

Ricky Taylor CEO Revive!

“"WOW wow wow, we had a mind blowing amazing motivational speech from Scotty Mills, this simply has to be heard. A true legend." RD

"Scotty Mills was an absolute inspiration.  A gifted public speaker and a man that everyone should hear from at least once in their lifetime." RH

"The pleasure of having the inspirational Scotty Mills speak to us was mind-blowing. "  DN

Listening to the extraordinary Scotty Mills, we left motivated and inspired".  CU

"The best presentation I have ever encountered. The takeaway points from his very informative, empowering, inspiring and humble talk will stay with me for a long time to come. " BB

"Just to say you had a grown hard Scotsman in tears on Saturday. You inspired us all from Glasgow and I am grateful to you for the impact you had on us all. God bless you  ❤️. " SR

"The standout moment was having the pleasure of Scotty and his wife join us on Saturday who spoke to us about his time and learning in the Marines. Such am inspiration" AM

"Scotty Mills shared his insights and inspired is all. It was inspiring, thought-provoking and truly impactful. I walked away feeling energised and motivated." FT

"Great to meet such a great speaker - Scotty Mills, such an inspirational guy" CO

"Absolutely inspirational." DL

SRMC and Home Instead – March 2023

“Scotty, to be led by you is the best experience I have ever had in my 20 years with England Football. Your experiences are so powerful and motivational, they will inspire us all for the rest of our lives. The feedback from the players about our 1st ever World cup bronze medal success was predominantly about our experiences with you.”

Mo Marley MBE England Women’s U20 Football Manager

“What Scotty’s got, and probably his greatest asset is empathy.  He really understands people, and he feels for how YOU feel. That’s a rare attribute and not everybody has it. Lots of people are good at their job, but not everyone approaches it with the care, understanding and heart that Scotty does. He throws everything at whatever he does!” Mr Lee Spencer – The Rowing Marine - Quadruple World Record Holder

Delegates at our event universally described Scotty’s presentation as ‘inspirational’, with many reporting it was the best input that they’d ever experienced at a corporate development event. From my perspective, the thing that really set Scotty’s presentation part – and what won over the audience – is that he proved that what he’s learned in his career in the Royal Marines is also highly effective in a civilian leadership context. Thank you, Scotty, for making a huge difference to the understanding and capability of my senior leadership team.” Mr Dan O'Mahoney Deputy Director National Crime Agency (UK Home Office) 

“It was my pleasure to have Scotty speak at the breakfast we sponsored at the Building Society Association Conference this year. He was fantastic. Firstly by having his name on the invites we had a packed venue, even though it was an early start. Then he had the audience captivated by his amazing story. His delivery was excellent and he also took the time to meet beforehand to shape how to fit with our overall theme. It simply couldn’t have gone better. Indeed many of the attendees were so impressed they got in touch after the event to thank us. Truly great speaker and a fantastic outcome. Thank you Scotty.”

Sopra Steria Financial Services 

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