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Lily-Mae is currently a serving Commando trained, Naval Officer in the Fleet Air Arm, part way through her training to become a naval helicopter pilot.

Lily-Mae is currently a serving Commando trained, Naval Officer in the Fleet Air Arm, part way through her training to become a naval helicopter pilot. Lily-Mae grew up in Virginia Water, Surrey. During her late teens, Lily-Mae ran a successful business selling fresh produce to local families on a weekly basis alongside her A Levels and playing national-level sports. She went on to attend Imperial College London to study for an MSci in Geology, graduating in 2016. Sporty and active from a young age, Lily-Mae decided to broaden herself from her previous sporting endeavors as part of the south regional Netball team, and England Junior Lacrosse and Pole Vault teams, and instead joined the University Army Officer Training Corps in 2012, followed by the University Air Squadron in 2013-16 where she discovered a passion for flying.


During her time in the University Air Squadron, she learned to fly small fixed-wing aircraft solo alongside her university studies, however on completion of her MSci she decided to pursue a professional career as an appraisal and exploration Geologist for British Petroleum. 2 years later though, Lily-Mae felt something was missing from her life, and her passion for flying coupled with the call to serve a cause greater than herself led her to resign from BP in 2018 and accept a commission in the Royal Navy in May 2019 after a years travelling around the world. Performing strongly in the initial stages of flying training, Lily-Mae was selected to progress onto the helicopter training pipeline in September 2021. In amongst the rigours of flying training Lily-Mae still found the time to resurrect her former sporting prowess and represented Great Britain at the European Age Group Triathlon Championships in September 2021 in Valencia. During a break in flying training Lily-Mae was drafted in a supporting role to a specialist maritime unit, where she led equipment development projects in direct support to ongoing operations across the globe. On completion of that attachment Lily-Mae then attended the arduous 16 weeks All Arms Commando Course at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. Successful completion of this made her Britain's only serving female Royal Navy Commando.

Following on from this achievement, Lily-Mae was drafted to Dover to work as a Watch Keeper on Operation Isotrope, the UK military's response to the Channel Migrant Crisis. Lily-Mae and her team were responsible for coordinating naval assets to find, secure and recover migrants and their vessels crossing the Channel to prevent loss of life at sea. Lily-Mae has just spent a period of leave enjoying ultra-running and cycling endurance events across the globe, and is currently beginning her next stage of flying training whereby she will complete over 100 hours of rotary wing flying.


On completion of her next flying course, she has her sites on rowing the Atlantic in December 2024 as part of team HMS Oardacious. Successful completion of The World’s Toughest Row will make Lily-Mae and her team the first all serving female military to complete the challenge. The team aim to raise up to half a million pound for the Royal Navy Royal Marines charity in support of mental health for serving and ex-serving personnel.

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