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Fugitive Hunter in the Hit Channel 4 Series HUNTED. Resilience & Performance Coach. Author of Game on Mutherf**kers

Paul Cashmore is best known as the Fugitive Hunter in the BAFTA-nominated Channel 4 series HUNTED. He is also a renowned resilience and performance coach who uses cutting-edge research and real-world success to empower high-performing teams and executives to achieve new heights of performance. As a result, he is highly demanded by leading organisations seeking to enhance workplace performance and productivity. When booked for speaking engagements, Paul eloquently speaks on leadership, resilience, mindfulness, and physical health.

Leading a high-intensity lifestyle, Paul previously served as a professional bodyguard, where he played an instrumental role in saving the life of a celebrity client. He was also the most effective member of the Robbery Squad in London, where he notably disarmed a gunman during live bullet shots. Incredibly courageous and great at adapting to high-pressure situations, Paul has saved people from suicide attempts, receiving numerous commendations for his dedication and professionalism.

Moreover, seeking to help vulnerable communities, Paul set up an innovative boxing project for underprivileged children, helping them discover higher levels of self-esteem and teaching them valuable lessons about resilience, and self-defence. As a leading transformational coach, Paul shares valuable knowledge on overcoming the ever-increasing demands and challenges of work, helping clients overcome stress, burnout, and anxiety, so they attain peak physical and mental health. Furthermore, he is the author of Game on Mutherf**kers, which delves into his battle with chronic anxiety, and how he overcame it using meditation and the science behind energy.

Seeing challenges as opportunities for growth and knowledge, Paul delivers bespoke workshops and masterclasses to help clients overcome obstacles and become the greatest versions of themselves. As a prominent executive coach, Paul provides pioneering leadership and resilience training using experience-driven knowledge and the latest scientific research to help individuals and organisations perform at their best under intense pressure. Paul is now a highly sought-after speaker, who shares anecdotes of overcoming chronic anxiety to positively transform his life.

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