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Jenny Graham

Presenter | Public Speaker | Author | Adventurer

Current World Record holder Jenny Graham is the Fastest Woman to Circumnavigate the Planet by Bike. The 18,000mile journey took her just 124days to complete, travelling solo and self supported around the globe. Jenny shares her stories with humility, good wit and honesty as she battles the physical and mental challenges to race against the clock.

Jenny has a huge back catalogue of adventures in the grassroots world of bikepacking but her experiences transcend personal achievement; She feels most passionate about sharing the stories of others, giving a voice to those less heard. Presenting with Global Cycling Network's documentary channel Jenny has been narrating tales from the farthest corners of the globe. From the enigmatic FARC rebels in the remote Colombian mountains to the nomads of the Gobi Desert.

Her inspiring story swerves from terrifying near collisions on the Russian roads and weather extremes in the southern hemisphere to the beauty of the Mongolian landscape and exhilarating wildlife encounters in North America. Get ready to be transported into a world of adrenaline, courage, and pure determination.

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