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Mike Bates is a human intelligence specialist, covert counter-terrorism operations leader, entrepreneur and adventurer. 

Mike served a combined total of 20 years serving our country both within His Majesty’s Royal Marines and the Intelligence and Security fields of the Ministry of Defence. He is the first officer in the history of the MOD to pass all required courses to serve at the very front line of the U.K.’s counter-terror response.

Mike is uniquely placed as a public speaker to share his incredible and authentic journey with a wide range of audiences. He has also honed his extensive operational experience and leadership in the mountains of Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.K., and alone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

What is Mike Bates best known for?

Most recently, Mike is best known for becoming the fastest solo British person to complete the ‘The World’s Toughest Row’, in a little over 46 days. His efforts over the three-year campaign for this challenge raised a phenomenal £175,000 for charity and inspired people all over the world.

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