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Leo walker

Meet Leo Walker, a man of immense experience and strategic acumen.
With a military career spanning 20 years within Britain's most elite units, including a distinguished 15-year service in the Special Forces and a 5-year tenure in the Royal Marines, Leo has harnessed an extensive array of skills from some of the world's most challenging environments, further enriched by his interactions with a multitude of different units and cultures around the globe.

Over the years, Leo has successfully led a variety of high-pressure operations around the globe, proving his prowess as an expert logistician and tactical thinker. His broad range of experiences has enabled him to craft tailored development plans for a diverse portfolio of corporate clients.


Leo's background in the Royal Marines and Special Forces training teams has equipped him with invaluable knowledge and expertise. In addition to his extensive military experience, Leo Walker has accrued a vast array of civilian qualifications and instructor certifications through his service in the Special Forces. Upon leaving he has built up a successful, multiple award winning company.


Recently, Leo has broadened his horizons by stepping into the corporate world as a keynote speaker, delivering engaging and insightful lectures on a range of corporate and life topics to various audiences. Additionally, he has executed multiple corporate management training programs, further solidifying his ability to guide various clients through operational challenges. Leo Walker is not just a military veteran but a dynamic leader capable of translating complex military strategies into relevant, tangible corporate lessons. Whether through his speaking engagements, training programs, or mentorship, Leo is committed to sharing his wealth of knowledge to empower and inspire.


  • Special Forces Operator: 15 years (including 2 years as a Special Forces Training Instructor)

  • Royal Marine Commando: 5 years (Including 18 months as a Commando Training Instructor



  • High-Performance Leadership

  • Professional Development Coaching

  • Strategic & Operational Planning in dynamic workspaces

  • Management & Team development in high performance groups

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