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Pasha Munro, the Operations Director at Black Box Global Ltd, brings a wealth of expertise and operational excellence to his role. With a distinguished background as an
ex-Special Forces operator, Pasha embodies professionalism, strategic thinking, and risk management.

Pasha started life with the challenges built in, right from the start. He grew up with a disrupted family life, often going without life’s most basic essentials, spending his younger years being bounced between various children homes, foster parents and living in refuges for victims of domestic abuse. He could have taken many other roads, many of them clearly potentially negative, however his life started to change when he joined the Sea Cadets at 12, with the opportunity to learn new skills and work with others, providing him with a taste for working within a supportive team environment towards a common goal, alongside a sense of belonging and purpose. 


A talented footballer, whose trials for Scunthorpe United ended suddenly as a result of his mother being arrested for theft and missing a key training session, Pasha applied for the Royal Navy at 16 seeking a new challenge but was turned away. This was far from a set back and only made his resolve stronger to achieve his goal of a career and was inspired by a Royal Marine recruitment poster which set his sights on a different challenge.


Pasha, who joined the Royal Marines at the age of 19 and underwent rigorous training to become an elite amphibious fighter. The training consists of five stages, including physical training, weapon handling, combat training, and tactical navigation. After completing these milestones, candidates face a final exercise and four Commando tests, which include endurance courses, speed marches, assault courses, and long-distance marches. Despite facing difficulties and failing a key test during the training, Pasha persevered and passed on his second attempt. He received his coveted green beret and became a fully-fledged member of the Corps. Pasha’s upbringing and family experiences shaped his determination to succeed. He was grateful for the support of his wife and family. After joining his first unit, Pasha spent a year at the Royal Navy boxing team and became a champion in his weight class. However, his desire to become a Special Forces (SF) Operator led him to undertake the challenging training of Mountain Leaders (ML). MLs are regarded as the elite within the Royal Marines and specialize in long-range reconnaissance, arctic warfare, and mountain climbing. While not classified as Special Forces, their training is considered as rigorous as UKSF units. Pasha excelled in ML work, quickly gaining additional skills and inspiring fellow Marines. He was promoted rapidly but remained determined to pursue SF selection. Despite two unsuccessful attempts, Pasha applied for selection a third time, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to achieving his goals.

The selection process for UK Special Forces (UKSF) such as SAS or SBS is extremely challenging, with a failure rate of less than 90%. It includes endurance training, basic SF skills, jungle training, and combat survival training. Successful candidates are assigned to a squadron and troop after joint selection. SBS candidates undergo additional water skills selection stages. UKSF is considered one of the world’s leading Tier 1 special forces. Pasha successfully passed the selection process and became a highly qualified UKSF diver.

His extensive experience in complex operations and security risk mitigation allows him to provide invaluable guidance and leadership. As Operations Director, Pasha oversees seamless coordination and flawless execution of security operations, designing tailored strategies based on his deep understanding of operational tactics and risk assessment. Pasha fosters a culture of excellence and empowers teams to surpass client expectations. He is a recognized authority in the field and stays updated with emerging technologies and industry trends. Pasha’s military background and private security sector experience make him a trusted leader, dedicated to providing unparalleled protection and peace of mind for Black Box Global’s clients.

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